I'm not the type of person to make wishlists. I'm the girl who doesn't write anything down because I'm convinced I'll still remember it in three months time when my birthday is there. I manage to forget what I would like for my birthday every. single. time. Without fail. So this year I'm one step ahead of myself by making this wishlist. I spent about 3 hours making this gif. It took a lot of trial and error before I got it right because I have the crappiest laptop ever and I suck at photoshop. The bottom line is: you better love this gif, 'cause it took AGES.

Please note that I can't afford any of these outfits, this is merely a list of things I would definitely get if I had the money. Let a girl have her dreams! 

I'm totally digging the micro sunglasses trend going on right now (just like pretty much everyone else) and this red pair with tinted glasses is pretty much the definition of perfection. Next up are the Clavin Klein cowboy boots, because damn, I love these a lot. I just find it baffling how Raf Simons made these so huge. Cowboy boots are 2018's biggest trend, I'm sure. The pompom bag is also Calvin Klein, and I've been eyeing this baby for almost a year. At least it feels like it's been a year, my teenage brain is a drama queen. The other bag is by Proenza Schouler and it's so pretty it hurts. The last items are scrunchies, which I can actually afford. My hair is still too short to style, though, so I can't even use scrunchies. Isn't that called irony or something? 

And finally, this sweater by & Other Stories, for which I've made a seperate gif because I have way too much free time on my hands.

Look at that! How colourful! How hyper! I feel like I'm going to get a headache if I watch this any longer. 

NYFW faves

New York Fashion Week kicked off last week, providing us with a shitload of shows to follow through hundreds of influencer's instagram stories. As I obsessively scroll through the shows on the Vogue Runway app while trying not to let jealousy get the better of me, a few shows always get me really excited about FASHION.

For the past few years I've been documenting and sharing my favourite shows, so in tradition I will share my faves here. I always feel like these posts don't interest you, but then again, I write on this blog mostly for myself, SO SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT. (Sorry for that, I've been reading the Maze Runner trilogy for the past few days and I feel myself using Minho phrases every so often. Also, if you don't know The Maze Runner you should totally go read the books and watch the films right now because it will change your life forever.)

NOTE: I just got distracted and spent an hour scrolling through Maze Runner quotes on Tumblr, so I guess a warning is appropriate here: Read these series at your own risk, because you will not have a life anymore, I swear.

To be honest none of the NYFW have truly baffled me, which sucks because I was really hoping for a mind blowing show like Calvin Klein and Solace London last season. Anyway, there's still London and Paris fashion week to fulfill my fashion expectations.



Ever since Raf Simons started at Calvin Klein he hasn't dissapointed. This collection was slightly more daring than his previous one, making this a very interesting show. I'm totally digging the wool hats. They're the ultimate accessory for people like me that are freezing 24/7. I guess the sheer printed dresses aren't ideal to fulfill my thermal needs (that sounds truly horrifying) but they make up for it by being SO PRETTY. Raf Simons kept his now signature western shirts though, which made me feel relieved because it's one of my favourite things about him moving to Clavin Klein. Also, have I mentioned that the ground was covered in popcorn? Freaking popcorn? Man, I'm really bummed I didn't get an invite. I guess drooling at my laptop screen will have to do it for now.



Dion Lee is definitely my fave collection so far, which is surprising because I never bothered to take a look at the collections before. There are some seriously futuristic vibes going on here, which I love, of course. Most looks featured these modern bra type things, that looked super badass. The colours were calming yet powerful. I was freaking out big time when I first saw the shoulder belt situation because I have been coining for them ever since seeing Leonardo Dicaprio wearing shoulder gun belt things in Romeo + Juliet. I actually have a crappy sketch from last year to prove that I was totally hoping for them to become a trend, and now it has happened. I will probably spend the next 6 months envying the influencers who start wearing these, then be totally pissed off when they become an actual trend. Sorry not Sorry I guess. Anyway, fave collection by far.



Tibi is probably your favourite it girl's go to brand. I understand the recent Tibi craze, though. The last few collections have been amazing. As the fashion world shifts into a different mindset that prioritizes comfort (I'm all in on that idea, by the way), Tibi fits perfectly into this. Their clothes look like items people can actually wear day-to-day. I don't mean people who exclusively walk around pretty neighbourhoods and getting out of cars, but people who actually eat and ride bikes and take naps during the day. By the way cowboy boots are going to be EVERYWHERE this year. I'm crushing on these patent ones.



Creatures Of Comfort has been on a roll the past few years and I'm totally on board. Every outfit looks really cool yet comfortable (well it should because it isn't called Creatures Of UNCOMFORT *badum tsss*), referencing to that comfort trend again here. I love the colour combo's. I think the pops of bright red combined with sandy brown, navy and light blue go really well together. Creatures Of Comfort always does a great job at layering, which is prominent in the first and second look. 



I've got to admit that I've never really understood the what the big deal about Coach was. I always felt like the looks were too heavy and not very innovative, which is why I've never bothered to take a better look when the collections come out. I remember saying it 'was like Gucci but only with more brown' in one of my previous posts, but I have to admit that the last two collections were pretty cool. I think the dresses and prints are epic, as well as the flowiness of the silhouets. It all came together to create this dark and dreamy vibe. Also, IRL Queen Anna Collins walked as a model in this show so I mean I had to mention it here.



I don't have much to say about this. Very on trend and cool come to mind when looking at this. I'm not crazy about this collection but on a visual level it's pretty nice.

Blue Lights

In my previous blogpost I wrote that I finally found back the urge to take up and document stuff again, so here I am writing a new vibe post.

Or, if you would like this post to be a little more epic (I've been watching too many crappy TV-shows lately, my apologies in advance): Previously on Cato's pretentious teenage life: she managed to find her inspiration back, BUT WILL SHE BE ABLE TO WRITE ANOTHER VIBE POST BEFORE 2018 ENDS? AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT MAGAZINE CUTOUT OF A POLAR BEAR SHE LOST FOUR DAYS AGO? 

For the past week I've been collecting little bits and bobs from everywhere, just like I used to in the good ol' days when I wrote huge vibe posts on a weekly basis. They've been slowly coming together, which is making me very delighted. The process of collecting, processing and posting vibes on my blog has come back really naturally. That made me conclude that you just can't force yourself to get back into old habits. It's better to just sit out an inspiration rut and hope for the best.

All of the pictures I've been saving on my phone and my laptop didn't really seem to have a certain aesthetic to them, but now I kind of see a pattern in the visuals that speak to me. It started out as a collection of candid pictures took with a bright flash in some fancy Parisian hotel, but then developed to 80s/90s supermodels smoking cigarettes. Then I watched a documentary about space and everything kind of came together at that point. I suppose it's wise to know what the idea behind this series of pictures is before looking at them. It's for the best, I swear.

Girlswithguns via Tumblr, Tavi Gevinson for the Great Discontent (I think? I'm too lazy to look it up)

Absolute goddesses aka Jorja Smith and Princess Nokia for Stussy.

I guess this bright-flash, cold colour-thing has been appealing to me lately because it's quite connected to my own life. It's easier to live in an aesthetic that aligns itself with my own environment than to pursue a vibe that is set in dreamy 70s suburban California, for example. Also, I've been listening to Jorja Smith on repeat lately, I especially recommend Blue Lights and On My Mind. Princess Nokia is a literal queen as well, I like her songs G.O.A.T and Tomboy a lot. My music taste has changed quite drastically last year. I guess SKAM is a contributing factor to that big change, because before I got into hiphop I listened to an array of 50s girl groups, David Bowie records and the Sing Street Soundtrack. I still love all of that though, but I've been more into hiphop and R&B in general lately. 

Satellite picture via the Nasa website, cowboy boots via AlwaysJudging's Tumblr.

I watched a documentary called 'The Farthest', and it was a space documentary about the Voyager project. I won't bore you with all the details, but it has lots of space/Nasa footage from the 70s and 80s, which was both visually AND intellectually pleasing to me. Honestly I don't watch documentaries often but I've been watching Blue Planet and documnetaries about space lately and wow! Our planet is a magical place! And not even our planet, the entire universe is interesting, and probably the other universes out there as well! Okay, I'm freaking myself out by getting too existential. Back to thinking that we are the center of all the existing universes, how comforting.

Lorde, flowers via Tumblr.

I recently got It by Alexa Chung as a gift and even though the book is more of a visual thing to have than a piece of great writing, the pictures are exactly what I have in mind. The flash, the slightly laidback vibe to it. It isn't very polished or clean, and I guess that's okay. I'm also a sucker for so-called coffee table books, so I guess It was totally worth it (I happen to find this sentence very funny).


I forgot the sources of both of these pics. I never rename the documents in my hard drive because I think i'll remember where I found the pictures but I never do, so please, if you know the sources of these, let me know.I think I got them off Tumblr because it's the dark hole where I spent endless hours scrolling through The Outsiders fanfics.


Prada lip prints and Petra Collins in a pretty room.

This is a film still from the movie Closer. I have never actually seen it but I figure I would love it because a) Natalie freaking Portman hell yes and b) I really want a pink wig like this.


Kate Moss smoking ("Don't do that, kids") and Drew Barrymore in her teenage bedroom looking adorable. I truly hope I can show my grandchildren pictures of me in my teenage bedroom one day and prove how much of a dork I used to be.

To fully experience these vibes, I recommend listening to the following songs:






I've been listening to these non-stop lately so give them a listen. 

I hope you liked this post, see you soon!

New Year New ...

Looking back at all of the posts from last year (pretentious prick alert) I just realized I haven't written any 'vibes' posts since December 2016 or something. I honestly miss experiencing books and films so intensely. Growing up means detaching myself from this dream world. I just haven't been able to 'live' in this entire aesthetic I have in my mind anymore, and it truly sucks. School and social things and a lot of other shit is taking up my spare time, which makes it harder to find the balance between my two worlds that collided last year: my dream world and my real life. 

After a year of not feeling inspired, or not experiencing things as intensely as I used to experience stuff, I finally found back the obsessive urge to create a vibe for myself to live in. I guess my mind wanted a break for a year and just figure out things in my own life. I feel like I'm now able to balance out both worlds. I'm exhilarated to finally feel the urge of excitement in my chest, the feeling of having to create something inspired by what I'm feeling like. Whether it's a diary spread, a blogpost or a photo, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something. 

I used to post 'update posts' all the time in an attempt to tell you how my life is going. That update usually goes like this:

1.  Apologizing for not posting for a while (sorry not sorry)

2. Telling you how busy I am (fake, fake, fake)

3. Talking to you about my latest series-obsession, probably some dorky show I enjoy

4. Mentioning some of the nice things I've done apart from being a couchpotato. This is usually accompanied by some selfies/pictures of my room/flatlays of materialistic junk.

5. Promising you to post more often, which we can all agree on is NOT happening any time soon.

So, now we've got that over with, let's start with a chaotic post of things and other things that remind me of those things. I am such a blogger extraordinaire, right? 


In between all of the Avatar-marathons (I told you I was going to mention a dorky show, I never fail to disappoint) I did manage to get a few things done. I met up with friends a lot and I went shopping, but I didn't take any pictures of that because I totally just live in the moment. #yolo. Are you even a legit teen when you don't define 'hanging out with friends' as being on your phone while talking to each other about your favourite candy? 


I received this cool Champoin x Weekday sweater in the mail last week and I have already worn it every day. I am very delighted with this sweater because when I wear it with my new cargo pants I can finally achieve my ultimate goal. Looking like pretty much every teenage boy circa 1989, that is. My sister Laura took these pictures of me in this Champion piece of art. I love these polaroids together because the contrast between me smiling and me eating doritos is slightly comical.


I've been enjoying flash photography lately. I know it's a total trend right now, but it looks quite nice, and it's fitting my ~personal aesthetics~ right now. So here is a picture of my favourite layering-combo at the moment. Black turtleneck, And Other Stories x Kim Gordon sweater, gold necklace I found in a random box. I'm the person who is constantly complaining about being cold (I should really stop doing that) so wearing multiple sweaters is the way to go for me during Winter. Then again, I also complain about not wanting Winter to end because it's my favourite season. We are all made out of thousands of contradictions. In the other picture I'm wearing my favourite pajamas with some sports socks and my mom's Adidas superstars. I've considered wearing these pajamas to school numerous times, but I fear that once I wear these in public there will be no way back. The image of a 30-year old me wearing a bathrobe to work flashed through my head while considering going to school in these, and I'm not sure whether I'm ready for that yet. It's just a matter of time once I succumb to this pajama set of my dreams, though.


My reading life has been non-existent for more than a year now. I just keep rereading the same 5 books these months. I wanted to sum these all up, but then I realized that would be boring, so just take a guess. Yesterday I got this sudden urge to start reading a lot of new books again but I have to finish a book I have to read for school before next week, so I really can't read anything new right now. Anyway, once school gets settled down a little bit I'm going to pick up my reading again. Film-wise, I've been on a roll! In the past weeks I watched Black Swan (so strong!) Everything, Everything (so lovely!), The Lobster, The Outsiders (for the 3rd time) and Face/Off (the best bad film ever). I'm going to try going to The Florida Project sometime this week, but school is stressing me out so bad right now. 

In times of stress I always tend to rely on things that comfort me, making it hard to explore new things. The past year has been one of my favourite years yet, but it's been quite busy, which made me go back to the same things in search of comfort during hectic times. I've seen every single Friends episode about 50 times, and I've read the first Harry Potter book a lot as well. Everyone has these series of books they rely on for comfort. At least, I hope so because that makes me feel less like a freak who overthinks shit like this.

I suppose this was a slightly chaotic update post. There's some stuff I'm working on for my blog, including a better layout and some vibe posts, so expect some new posts soon! (Aaah, Cato and her fake blog promises, what a joke AMIRITE?)

See u

Outfits In Films

I started this new segment on my blog a while ago when I was bored and wanted to mix fashion and film together. I only wrote one post about this, but today I find myself being bored in my bedroom once again. For those who are new to this blog, I wrote a post called 'Outfits in Films' this Summer where I discussed the style of a certain character and put together an outfit inspired by the character. I highly doubt that anyone is interested in this, but it's a cool way to introduce you to my favourite films/series while staying true to the subject of this thing-I-call-a-blog.

As many of you (read: the four people who probably read this ol' thing) probably know, I'm a sucker for a good series. I have obsessed millions of times over millions of series. Among my favourites are House M.D. (surprise, surprise) and SKAM (an even bigger surprise, I suppose). My all-time favourite show ever in the whole entire universe and beyond is Friends, though. Friends, the epitome of coziness and friendship. The ultimate 'feel-good' series, set in New York, in the nineties. Long story short: Friends is the best series ever. Today we're focusing on Rachel Green, who's my favourite character.

Rachel Green is introduced in the beginning of the series as a spoiled brat who left her man at the altar and fled to New York to live in a cool apartment with her best friend from high school. She eventually ends up working in fashion (how could you not, though, with her sense of style). No wonder I like her so much, right? Rachel Green is the ultimate 90s it-girl. Her outfits just scream NEW YORK FASHION (your screamed that inside your head, right? Gotta love that capslock button) and I honestly wish mine did too. I looked for some of my favourite outfits from the series to show you guys, you better appreciate this because I went through a Bustle article compiling the 703 outfits Rachel wore on Friends. 703 OUTFITS, in the time span of about half a day. I would say that is half a day well-spent. I personally like the outfits she wears in the first two seasons the most, as we progress to the early 2000s, the outfits get a little more, well... intense. We all just want to forget 2000s fashion trends forever, don't we. It's too painful to watch.


These pictures are theoretically not pictures of Rachel Green, but of Jennifer Aniston in the 90s. I just chose these pictures because of Aesthetic Reasons. I couldn't find any decent-quality screenshots of the outfits she wore on Friends so I picked these 90s pics because they actually reflect Rachel Green's style perfectly! Honestly, there's barely any difference between these outfits and the outfits on Freinds, except for the lack of the colour brown, perhaps.

Okay, so here's two outfits the 90s Rachel wore on Friends.


Slips are a staple in Rachel Green's closet, and so is velvet, so a velvet slip paired with a white, frilly turtleneck is the perfect mix of casual dressing and chic that Rachel could pull of. Rachel always keeps it classic, so paired with a black blazer and some basic loafers, this outfit is the most Rachel outfit ever. You could also go on another route and go for a miniskirt, the epitome of Rachel Green's style. Paired with a frilly white see-through blouse and the same blazer and loafers, this outfit is a little more 'Rachel on a date'. 

Next up, an outfit that Rachel would wear in 2018 (happy new year btw!), following the most recent trends as someone who works in fashion. 


A good pair of mom jeans is a Rachel Green Essential, but in 2018 she would definitely go for jeans with a raw hem because, duh, raw hems are a thing right now. I guess she would pair it with a basic camisole to keep it casual. I totally see Rachel owning the sock-boot trend that is going on right now, a black pair, obviously. She always keeps it simple. A green army jacket in patent leather finishes off the look. Rachel is known for wearing some great coats and jackets, and since green is really her colour, this jacket would look killer with those jeans. 

I don't know why I just wrote this post. You probably don't care at all, but writing these helps me sort out all of the style ideas in my mind. 

See ya.