Autumn faves

Hi there!
It's been ages since I wrote here again, I guess blogging just isn't made for me and my fellow lazy dorks out there. I love it so much though, and I'm really bummed out by the fact I'm not able to do it as often as I would like. So the SS18 collections were fantastic, I mean like crazy good collections. Calvin Klein, Proenza Schouler and Creatures of the Wind are what dreams are made of.

It's finally cold here, and by cold I mean actually 'cold'. Like, wearing gloves and a hat when you're biking-cold. I couldn't be happier with Autumn, and it'll be December soon, which means it's party season. I'm very excited for the festive season to start, but for now let's focus on getting through a month more school and exams.

So what will I be writing about today? You wonder. Today I'll be talking about my Autumn faves, so enjoy!


I picked up a copy of Women In Clothes a few weeks ago at the library, and I've been loving it so far. It's basically a book that compiles dozens of stories about women and their relationship with fashion. The chapters range from conversations between random people to colour guides (written by Queen Tavi Gevinson herself), with little random questions and comments thrown in between the text. I think this is a great book to just casually read once in a while. I think the concept is really great, the execution could've been better. Some parts just carry a bit too much Lena Dunham-vibes, if you know what I mean. However, I like this book, and there are some great pieces by people I love like Tavi and Kim Gordon.


As you all know by now, I'm not a makeup kind of girl. Lately I've been more interested in make-up though, and I'm excited to try out some makeup looks. I've been getting really bored with growing out my buzz cut, so I think I've been experimenting with makeup more because I can't do anything with my hair. I also like how makeup looks with my short hair. I am still very basic when it comes to wearing makeup. I like doing a lot of different things with my style, but beauty-wise I just classic, basic beauty products I can rely on. I only got this palette a few days ago, but just wanted to include it here because the colours are SO AUTUMN-LIKE. I love and other stories' beauty products and I just couldn't resist buying this palette, because it's a staple palette I can use for a lot of different things. I just want to have as few makeup stuff as possible, because I'm already so hectic style-wise. I'm very excited to use all of these colours in different looks. I've used the highlighter and it looks amazing, and very natural as well.


I've been wearing these basic silver rings and silver earrings a lot lately. I love how they look with turtlenecks.


How amazing is this sweater?! This piece usually isn't something I would be drawn to when I'm walking around Weekday, but this sweater is so fluffy and warm that I just had to try it on, and then I couldn't leave it behind. I'm that person who is always cold, so this sweater is perfect for me. It also has a high neck, which is practical as my head gets pretty cold with my short hair. This makes any outfit more interesting, and it adds more texture to your look.


I buy a magazine every week or so, and last week I picked up this issue with Winnie Harlow on the cover. I love Winnie Harlow, and this magazine is actually way nicer than I expected! It has way less advertisements than Vogue, which is nice because you really get a lot of eye candy for the price you're paying. The articles are pretty cool as well. The styling is great and I love the shoots! There's like 8 pages worth of Winnie Harlow hanging around in Christian Dior's house. How cool is that?


My friend Anna recommended me this face cream after I had a 10 minute rant on how I couldn't find a mosturizer that feels light on my skin. I love the scent of this, the packaging looks really nice and it hydrates my skin without being too heavy.

That was it for today! See you soon.


These posts are getting out of hand

New York Fashion Week is over, but I'm not sad because I still have a million of street style pics to look at, and maybe I'm not sad because I wasn't actually there and I just check out the shows on my phone. It's really just me laying in my couch and scrolling through runway collections,  and when the collections are loading I just look at my own reflection in the screen and wonder what I'll have for dinner. Anyway, I love New York Fashion Week the most because just about every single person I admire is at least at 1 show, which is fantastic. But I also love London Fashion week because London is just the coziest city on earth and it gives me a ton of good vibes. Here are some of my London Fashion Week favourites.



I've been a huge Molly Goddard fan after I'd seen her very first collection in Vogue, and I have been looking forward to her shows every since. Goddard is known for her dreamy tulle dresses. Her clothes are so dreamy and flowy, but the thing that really makes Molly Goddard stand out is the raw sense of realness she brings into her collections. The models are friends of hers, or people she's seen on the streets. Every show is very unique in a way that makes her outfits so real and down-to-earth, like a bunch of models making sandwiches. In contrast to her last, rave-themed collection, this collection had a calm and slightly melancholic feel to it. The dark and moody eye makeup in combination with the sober dresses create a new aesthetic I've never seen before. I love Molly Goddard every time, and I'm already excited for her next collection.



Christopher Kane wasn't at all my kind of designer, and his attempt to make Crocs popular again couldn't really convince me. I have to rethink my opinion on this, because I think this collection rocked. The materials used are so nice, like a latex dress with lacy ruffed sleeves or see-through dresses in soft hues of blue and green. I like this collection, and there were some very special models as well, although I don't think the casting was amazing (not that I know anything about casting). I love the collection, although the shoes still can't enchant me. 



I'm very delighted to see so many of my current favourite colours in one single collection. Lime green, bright pink and grey plaid all bundled up in one amazing collection by Eudon Choi. I don't have much to say about this collection apart from the fact that all of these outfits are absolutely awesome, and I would wear every single one in seconds.



Okay. I'll admit. I only looked at the Topshop Unique collection because of Adwoa Aboah. I'm not even ashamed. I loved this collection. And I like how almost every single outfit looks like something you could actually put together yourself with items from high-street stores. The combinations are unexpected, but they work, and the jacket game is going strong here. And if someone could just hand me that silver top from the last picture I'll shut up and stop obsessing over this collection so much. 

See you babes


Me obsessing over NYFW part 2

Here's my second New York Fashion Week favourites post. I'm constantly checking out the new collections while I haven't even had the energy to get dressed for the past few days. By getting dressed I mean actually putting an effort into what I'm wearing. I did buy my dream boots last weekend. So expect some suede boot realness soon. Anyway, my favourites.



After seeing about 97 Instagram stories of it-girls sitting on this basketball court, invitation on their laps, filming the models as they walk by, I decided it was time to check out the collection myself. Oh boy, what a great choice that was. Fringe is awesome, skirts are awesome, so fringe skirts must be awesome right? I think that was the logic behind this collection, and I support the fringe 100%. I'm so ready for fringe being back in the stores soon! I loved the combinations in this collection. Like the leather skirt and the sporty socks. Or the big sweaters and fringe skirts. I definitely see people wearing this in all the street style pics next season. 



Maryam Nassir Zadeh. The minimalist brand of all your favourite it girls. Am I right? I love this designer, and while I wouldn't necessarily want to buy or wear anything, I think this is the kind of upcoming young designer that's not only popular with the giant fashion crowd, but can be appreciated by everyone. I loved the collection, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh always does something new and cool, which is very innovative. Also, is the no-pants trend becoming a thing?



Just like Creatures of the Wind, Rachel Comey is the kind of designer that brings me such a lovely sense of comfort. The simplicity makes me think of cozy nights hanging out with your friends, going to the cinema in the afternoon or heading to a restaurant while it's raining. This is one of my favourite collections so far because of the colours and fringe. So nice.



LOVE THIS ONE. I'm not the biggest fan of the entire collection, but there's one look in particular that makes me wish I could just pick it off the screen. Guess which one? The second one, obviosuly. Let me explain. First, there's the silk, bright coloured scarf, which makes you wonder whether you could pull it off. Next up there's the see-through  top, which goes perfectly with the third thing, that amazing skirt. THAT SKIRT. That little piece of leather perfection in the cream coloured tone you ave only seen in your wildest dreams. Ugh, I don't know whether I will get over this look. Ever.



Sies Marjan is known for two things: making clothes in colours I didn't even know existed, and for always making me smile when I read that name because it sounds so incredibly Dutch you can't pronounce it with a Dutch accent (my Belgian babes will know what I'm talking about). Really cool collection, very nice colour combintaions.



What can I say? Ever seen perfection in outfit form? No? Well now you have.



Can you tell these reviews just keep getting shorter because I'm getting tired of writing these and I just want to be done with it by now? This collection doesn't need a long review discussing the outfits. These looks speak for themselves. (I just said these speak for themselves because I'm too lazy to write a review, just so you know).



Don't know much about this brand. Do know the outfits are really cool. Especially that last dress, very cool. Lots of fringe again, my fringe desire is getting bigger and bigger while I write this post.



I've never bothered to take a look at Victoria Beckham's collections, just because she's known as 'the wife of...' And I found out that a lot of the time I don't really like collections of people who are related to other famous people. I was proved wrong because this collection is so good! Wow! I think it would be better if David Beckham was known as "the husband of.." because this collection is  i n s a n e. They absolutely nailed the colours, and the silhouettes  of those suits are amazing. This is the kind of collection I will fall back on when I need outfit inspiration.

That was it! Next up is London Fashion week, so excited.

See you later babes.